El Tovar

Grande Dame of the South Rim
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Grand Canyon National Park
Great Lodges of the West

The Santa Fe Railway wanted both elegance and rusticity in El Tovar: Charles Whittlesey delivered by merging log cabin and European villa designs
Opened January 14, 1905
Architect(s): Charles Whittlesey

The redecorated Rendezvous Room is in keeping with the original rich décor
Part Victorian resort of the late 19th century and part rustic log cabin, El Tovar provided both the comforts of the established Eastern resorts and the excitement of the unknown West to early adventure travelers. Today, guests can experience that same ambiance. The public rooms are restored to their rustic roots, gourmet fare is served in the dining room, and the guest rooms have recently been refurbished. El Tovar is the "Wild West" tamed for 2000.
"The building itself will be worth a trip to the canyon," Coconino Sun, 1904
Lodge Reservations: (520) 638-2631 Open Year Round
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