Glacier Park Lodge

Rail Baron's Dream Begins
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Exterior Photo
East Glacier National Park
Great Lodges of the West

Snow dusts the peaks of the Rocky Mountains as the seasons begin to change, and Glacier Park Lodge readies for its annual hibernation.
Opened June 15, 1913
Architect(s): S.L. Bartlett & Thomas D. McMahon

Today, the Lodge's great hall is as grand as it was when guests first arrived.
"Christine Barnes has pulled together some little known history about the historic lodges of Glacier National Park and the region, then spun a story history buffs and park visitors will enjoy. Historic photos from the park archives along with architectural drawings and color photography makes Great Lodges of the West both informative to read and beautiful to look at." --- Deirdre Shaw, Curator, Glacier National Park, Montana
It takes little imagination to transport oneself back to 1913; as a train whistle blows, guests can still quietly rock in one of the huge hickory chairs, and watch the sun fade behind the Rockies.
Lodge Reservations: (406) 756-2444 Open May 19th through October 29th
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