Crater Lake Lodge

The Building Oregonians Wouldn't Let Die
As Featured in
Exterior Photo
Crater Lake National Park
Great Lodges of the West

The once decrepit Crater Lake Lodge was born again through a $15 million rehabilitation.
Opened June 28, 1915; (Reopened May 20, 1995)
Architect(s): Raymond Hockenberry (1) Fletcher Farr Ayotte (2)

The restored dining room offers the same rustic ambiance as the original.
"Great Lodges of the West includes the important story of Oregon’s Crater Lake Lodge. Christine Barnes tells the reader of a Lodge built on naive optimism, its deterioration, and the very real threat of demolition. She then illustrates how the Lodge’s rebirth is evidence of what citizens can accomplish whey they value their architectural heritage."--- David Wark, Historic Architect, Crater Lake Lodge Rehabilitation
The wrath of historic preservationists and nostalgia-driven Oregonians was seriously underestimated. Saving Crater Lake Lodge became a cause to be reckoned with.
Lodge Reservations: (503) 594-2211 Open May 20th through October 21st
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