Paradise Inn

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Mount Rainier National Park
Great Lodges of the West

Mount Rainier rises behind Paradise Inn.
Opened July 1, 1917
Architect(s): Heath & Gove (1), Harlan Thomas (2)

Andirons shaped like Alaskan cedar trees fill the fireplace openings.
"The centennial of Mount Rainier National Park in 1999, gave us an opportunity to review both the natural and cultural history of the park. Great Lodges of the West tells one such account with the fascinating and little known story of Paradise Inn and the people who built, furnished and continue to try and preserve this National Historic Landmark." --- William J. Briggle, Superintendent (retired), Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
For the first month of operation, snow blocked the road and cars couldn't reach the Inn. That didn't stop the guests, who made the trek to the hotel by sleigh, snowshoe or on horseback.
Lodge Reservations: (360) 569-2413 Open Mid-May through October 15th
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