Bryce Canyon Lodge

A Complete Architectural Experience
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Bryce Canyon National Park
Great Lodges of the West

Bryce Canyon Lodge was built of locally harvested timber and quarried stone.
Opened May 15, 1925
Architect(s): Gilbert Stanley Underwood

In addition to the lodge, Underwood designed log-and-stone Deluxe Cabins for guest's enjoyment.
"Great Lodges of the West builds the chronological history of the construction of many of the western National Park’s historic lodges. The complex at Bryce Canyon is a prime example of rustic park architecture. The author brings to print the fascinating details of its inception and the continuing work to keep the historic integrity of the buildings intact." --- Kirby Matthew, Historic Preservation Specialist, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Guests can step out on the front porches and take a breath of clear air, then walk to the rim of Bryce Canyon, and gaze at the wonder of another National Park.
Lodge Reservations: (303) 297-2757 Open April 1st through October 31st
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