Prince of Wales Hotel

A Whimsical Chalet
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Waterton Lakes National Park
Great Lodges of the West

The Prince of Wales Hotel was Great Northern rail baron Louis Hill's final grand hostelry.
Opened July 25, 1927
Architect(s): Thomas D. McMahon

Upper Waterton Lake as framed in the hotel's windows.
More than a decade passed before Louis Hill realized his dream of a third major hotel in the Rocky Mountains. Not only would a Canadian hotel complete his vision, but it would root the Great Northern Railway in territory dominated by the rival Canadian Pacific Railway. The Prince of Wales Hotel, whose namesake never saw the building, is a fitting final monument to Louis Hill. Not only does it defy logic and the amazing setting, but the exaggerated design immortalizes Hill's dramatic flair and determination.
The Prince of Wales Hotel is perched on a knoll above Waterton Lakes in the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Lodge Reservations: (406) 756-2444 Open May 12th through October 9th
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